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Plan Revisions  (v4)

In response to input from neighbors and the Jamaica Plain community, the following plan changes have been adopted (11/21/2020) for BSq 2:

  • Increase the size of an affordable rental unit

    • 3 bedrm at 50% AMI

    • 1 bedrm at 60% AMI

    • 3 bedrm at 70% AMI


  •  Alter the affordable condo units

    • 1 bedrm at 80% AMI

    • 3 bedrm at 100% AMI


  • Improve the Green St façade

    • increase the prominence of the entry (12’x8’) to Retail 1

    • reduce the width of the recessed center element (12’x4’)

    • center element no longer reads as a stair

    • add a pair of staggered juliet & narrow balconies to the residential units

    •  increase the storefront glazing in Retail 1


  • Modify the Floor Plans

    • No overall increase to gross square footage

    • Retail 1 increased by 250 sf (30%)

    • Improved residential lobby

    • Retail 2 combined with R3 to create 2,200 sf commercial space

    • Residential units 201/301/401/501 increased by 17%


Note: the cladding has not been finalized and will be some combination of masonry, metal panels and some wood accents.  No cement board siding.  The development of the facade will be ongoing and also part of the BPDA design review.

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Project Features (v1)

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